Yakubov Campaign Responds To Arrest

Michael Yakubov released the following statement on behalf of his campaign in response to last night’s arrest:

Late Saturday night, the Roselle Park Police Department misused precious police resources and taxpayer funds in conducting a lawn sign “sting” operation which improperly led to the detention and mugshot of Councilman Mike Yakubov.

“This waste of police resources was clearly manipulated by Mayoral Candidate and ex-police officer Carl Hokanson,” said Betty Cairney, Roselle Park Republican Committee Vice Chair, “Nothing in this alleged incident goes to the qualifications, record, and integrity of Mayoral Candidate Mike Yakubov who has served the residents of Roselle Park with distinction for the past nine years” she continued.

The statement concludes with Michael Yakubov commenting,”No unauthorized signs were placed at my neighbor’s home. Specifically, the Hokanson campaign has been marked by dirty tricks. It’s time to address the issues confronting Roselle Park and stop distracting voters.”

No further information was provided by Councilman Yakubov or his campaign to explain the final statement regarding the placement of signs on someone’s lawn since the councilman was arrested to removing a sign from someone’ property.