Woman Attacks Police

On August 12, 2010, Patrolman Michael Smith responded to the 200 block of Chestnut Street on a welfare check for a female that was walking up and down the street singing and dancing. Upon arrival he located a female matching the description, later identified as, Shanae Spivey, at Roselle Park World Of Liquors, 137 Chestnut Street.

Spivey was inside of the store drinking from a bottle of soda and refused to pay for it.

Spivey was in possession of a large 12.0 ounce pepper spray canister and grabbed at the can of pepper spray.

She was informed that she was under arrest and police attempted to remove the can from her hand. She fought against police and a struggled ensued. Spivey then used a large key to scratch Sergeant Peter Picarelli’s left arm causing an approximately 14 inch laceration. She also bit Sergeant Picarelli on his right arm causing puncture marks.

Spivey was eventually handcuffed and transported to police headquarters

Both officers were treated for their injuries and returned to duty.

Spivey was charged with resisting arrest – 2C:29-2A(3)(a); aggravated assault with a weapon – 2C:12-1B(3); aggravated assault- 2C:12-1B(7); (2) counts of possession of a weapon – 2C:39-5D; unlawful possession of a weapon; 2C:39-4D; and aggravated assault on a law enforcement officers -2C:12-1B(5)(a). She was later released pending a superior court date of August 20, 2010.