Woman Arrested For Possession Of Drugs

On August 26, 2010 at approximately 11:40 in the morning, Patrolman Joshua Medrano responded to the area of W. Clay Avenue and Faitoute Avenue on a report of a possible intoxicated driver operating a black jeep and driving recklessly. Patrolman Richard Gaylord, who was working a traffic detail at the intersection of W. Westfield Avenue and Faitoute Avenue reported through dispatch that the black jeep had failed to maintain its lane while traveling eastbound on W. Westfield Ave. He further stated that the black jeep ran over the curb after making a left onto W. Clay Ave from W. Westfield Ave. Shortly after dispatched advised responding units to the area, Patrolman Medrano observed a black jeep on the 100 block of Columbus Street in the middle of the road – perpendicular to the street.

An investigation led to the discovery of an Advil bottle filled with the following: 35 pills of Alprazolam, 21 pills of Clonazepam, 5 pills of Seroquel, 3 pills of Cyclobenzaprine, 3 pills of Naproxen. Cheryl Munz indicated she did not have prescriptions for the medications. Munz was released after being served with summons possession of schedule I, II, III, IV drugs and careless driving with a Union County Superior Court date of September 10, 2010.