Why Run?

“Why run for Council?”… It’s a good question, and one I’ve been hearing a lot of lately. The first time the question was seriously posed to me the answer came readily: “Why not?”

After sitting through countless hours of municipal meetings, hearing arguments, asking questions, and forming opinions, I’ve garnered a little more than just basic information. What I’ve come to understand is that effective municipal government, especially in Roselle Park, can only be achieved if members of Council share themselves as resources. I am willing to do that.

Additionally, I feel that the conversations that take place outside of Borough Hall and Council Chambers are as important, if not more-so, than the ones that take place inside. Being an effective Councilperson, in my opinion, means more than rendering an opinion two times a month. Going out, talking to neighbors, and getting a feel for “the pulse” on the issues ensures exceptional representation. I am willing to do that.

Finally, and perhaps most importantly, a person running for council needs to understand their position. After all, private citizens rule society… Elected officials are public servants and stewards of the people. It is imperative that a candidate recognize that upon election they step down as a boss and act instead as an employee. Again, I am willing to do that.

So, of course, for some people answering a question with another question just won’t do. To those individuals I offer my apologies… My answer is neither out of arrogance nor is it a cheap way to wave off a question. After much thought, it is truly the most honest, impartial, and simple way that I can answer.

My name is Andrew Casais, and I’m running for Councilman.

-Andrew J. Casais