What Is The “Special Improvement District”?

As defined in Chapter 34 of the Code of the Borough of Roselle Park, the Special Improvement District, also known as the SID, was created by the governing body of the Borough in 2005 to “protect the public welfare, and health, and interests of the public, in the safe and effective movement of persons, and to preserve and enhance this function, and appearance of the business district(s).”

Additionally, the SID has been put in place to give “economic growth and employment in [the] municipal business district.”

Who runs the “Special Improvement District?”

Per New Jersey state statute, the Borough of Roselle Park established a non-profit corporation formally called the Roselle Park Special Improvement District Management Corporation (DMC).

The DMC is run by an 11-member Board of Trustees. Five (5) of the Board’s members are appointed and include:

  1. The Mayor of the Borough of Roselle Park or his/her designee
  2. A member of the Roselle Park Municipal Land Use Board (MLUB)
  3. One (1) member of the Roselle Park Borough Council
  4. The Borough’s Construction Code Officer or his/her designee
  5. A resident at large of the Borough of Roselle Park

Six (6) of the Board’s members are chosen if they are one or both of the following:

  1. Owners of real estate located in the SID;
  2. Owners of retail or service establishment located in the SID; or
  3. Officers, principal, or director of a corporation or entity which operates a retail or service establishment within the SID.

These members are appointed by the Mayor initially and then will be elected as per guidelines set in 34-6:A.3.

What’s the budget?

The DMC budget shall undergo all processes as defined in the Open Public Meeting’s Act (OPMA) as per public advertising, first reading, second reading & public hearing, and passage by formal resolution of the municipal governing body.