What Are Those Things On The Telephone Poles?

You have seen them around town; flat panels about 5 feet wide by 2.5 feet high attached to telephone poles about 15-18 feet from the ground and pointing to the sky. Who put them there? What are they? Why are they there? Well, read on.

In July 2009, PSE&G received regulatory approval to install small solar energy units (solar panels) on 200,000 utility poles and street lights in the towns they service. This solar power will flow to the electric grid, which serves all customers. Due to this and other programs, New Jersey has more installed solar capacity than any state except California.

The solar units are installed in residential neighborhoods, as well as on poles and aluminum street lights along main streets near area businesses. PSE&G informed municipal officials when we were  and are going to work in Roselle Park. Poles, which all face in a southerly direction, were selected that could support the solar panels and have no more than one transformer already on the pole.