Veterans Day 2012

When most people think of the military, they think of war. It is a natural connection to make because we know that in those times of conflict, there are those who serve their country. Today is about thanking those who served but there is something else we should keep in mind when thinking of the military – those who serve in our military during times of disaster and hardship who ‘wear the uniform’.

When disaster struck Japan last year, the United States sent its military to help with recovery and humanitarian needs. Take the recent aftermath of Sandy and the destruction left in her wake; the Marines were sent in to deliver food, pump water, and help with the recovery. In fact, even in times of conflict, a significant share of the work done by our military deals with rebuilding infrastructure, getting lights to turn back on, finding ways to build irrigation systems to deliver something so simple as water to those in need, clearing and rebuilding roads that were destroyed by the enemy.

Today, in Roselle Park, a small group of residents took time out of their day to thank those who took time out of their lives and a short 15-minute ceremony was held to honor all those who served, in one capacity or another, to ‘wear the uniform’ in order to do their duty for their country.