Democratic Committee Member Elections On June 6th

Democratic Committee Member Elections On June 6ththumbnail
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پروپوزل کی: مئی 5, 2017 @ 6:00 AM EST

Roselle پارک میں, when it comes to Democratic and Republican candidates running for municipal office, voters do not decide on who to vote for, they simply get to choose from candidates who have been already picked for them by municipal political committees.

The members of local political committees are the ones who decide who will run under their party line. During a primary, someone who is not picked by a local political committee but is registered as a Democratic or Republican can run against someone who has the party line. Whoever gets the most votes in the primary becomes the general election candidate. Roselle پارک میں, primary elections have been unopposed with only the party-backed candidates on the primary ballot.

ماضی میں, residents have won seats on local political committees with as little as two (2) votes.

During the primary, another often overlooked election takes place. It is the one that elects the local political committee members.

Each major political party holds these elections every two years with Democratic committee elections taking place during odd-numbered years and Republican committee elections occurring every even-numbered year.

اس سال, Roselle Park Democratic Committee (DPRK) members run for seats on the local committee. 20 seats are up for election – چار (4) seats for each of the five wards in Roselle Park. Each ward has two (2) districts with one man and one woman appointed for each district. Three (3) seats for RPDC committee members this year remain vacant.

Jeffrey H. ریگن
Eva Boyko
Daniel Laporte
Maxine Padulsky
Daniel A. Petrosky
Rashmi Sheth
جیمز ڈی. McCrady
Alice Santos
جوزف گریگوری
Joann Kolbeck
جان H. Curia کے
شیرون ایک. Curia کے
Martin Kiernan
Michele Dunn
Sachin Modi
Michelle Perez
(No Petition Filed)
(No Petition Filed)
Robert Denais
(No Petition Filed)

ایک بار منتخب, party committee members have the power to:

  • Adopt or amend the by-laws and committee constitution;
  • Interview and pick party-endorsed mayoral and council candidates for primary and general elections;
  • Interview and pick vacancies in a local political committee;
  • Have a say in who gets chosen for appointed positions in various municipal boards and committees, including appointing themselves and other members of their political committee;
  • Recommend who serves as a paid election day poll worker, usually over residents not affiliated with either party for a non-partisan event.

Although the final decision to appoint someone to a local board or volunteer position is left to the mayor and/or council, names are usually presented by committee members to elected officials who are then considered before other residents, شہریوں کی خدمت کے فارم بھر دیا ہے یا جو زیادہ تجربہ ہے یا اس سے بہتر تعلیم یافتہ ہو سکتے ہیں جو ان سمیت.

As for who can become a Roselle Park Democratic Committee member, the qualifications are as follow:

  • 18-سال کی عمر;
  • A resident of the election district;
  • Registered to vote as a Democrat

The deadline for filing a nominating petition has expired but residents can write-in themselves or the person they choose who lives in their respective district as a committee memberas long as that person is registered as a Democrat. ماضی میں, residents have won seats on local political committees with as little as two (2) ووٹ.

Anyone who wants information on what ward and district they live in can find out by looking at the outside ballot that is mailed to all registered residents. The Borough Clerk’s Office can also be contacted at (908) 245-6180 to determine the ward and district a resident is registered in.

Primary election day is Tuesday, June 6th.