UPDATE: Democrats Not Attending Debate Tonight

In the latest twist to the 2010 Roselle Park Candidates’ Debate, it has been confirmed through Democratic Party Chair Larry Dinardo that 4th Ward Democratic candidate James Lloyd will not be at tonight’s debate.

In speaking with Larry Dinardo this afternoon, he stated, “They all ran as a team. They should all go up as a team.” Mr. Dinardo re-iterated points previously made by Dan Petrosky in a previous article. Larry stated, with respect to how the debate preparation was handled, “It seemed a little one-sided. Decisions were made without my input.”

Still, Larry has hopes to get the Democratic candidates’ message out, “I want to do something where I can get all three of them out in the public and ask questions. We’re throwing around ideas.”

Republican Chair Michael Yakubov commented on the absence of candidates, “Personally, I would’ve loved to have seen all the candidates come together this year, have a debate, and discuss the issues.” Michael stated that all three (3) Republican candiates will be at Borough Hall tonight but the two (2) council candidates will not be asked question and simply give their opening and closing remarks, as per a stipulation set by LWV debate moderator Dawn Clarke.

Andrew Casais, Republican campaign manager stated in a phone interview, “I’m disappointed. It would have been beneficial for the whole town to see the viewpoints of all sides.”