TWA Permit Applied For Meridia On Westfield Development

The property more and more becoming known as Meridia On Westfield – located at the former Domani’s/Yesterday’s site – is applying for a Treatment Water Approval (TWA) permit.

The development with the address of 220-250 West Westfield Avenue had plans, application, and documents submitted for the TWA permit. This is not the Sullivan property which is another proposed development by Capodagli Property Company (CPC) currently under review by the governing body

According to the New Jersey Department of Environmental Protection (NJDEP) website, a TWA program regulates the construction and operation of industrial and domestic wastewater collection, conveyance and treatment facilities. The program is aimed at protecting the waters of the state by preventing the entry of increased pollutants from inadequate facilities. The division evaluates the proposed treatment plant’s design and its ability to meet the certain state standards. The TWA process also involves assessing the design of new sewer lines and other wastewater conveyance facilities as well as evaluating downstream conveyance and treatment capacity.

This is another step in the construction of the project which has cleared all structures and is waiting the building of the new two-building development.

The permit was reviewed and certified by the borough’s engineering firm, Neglia Engineering.

By way of Resolution 145-18, the governing body consented and endorsed the TWA permit application at the May 3rd Mayor & Council meeting.