Towing/Plowing Street List Released By RPPD

Postponing their operations for 21 hours, the Roselle Park Police Department (RPPD) will begin removing snowbound vehicles from the certain streets by having them towed starting tomorrow, Tuesday, January 26th, at 9 a.m.

In order to address roads that have yet to be properly plowed, the municipality has acquired additional snow removal equipment and vehicles on the streets listed and shown below must be removed to facilitate the removal of snow, according to the police.

RPPD stated that vehicles legally and properly parked that are not impeding the flow of traffic will not be disturbed. Snowbound vehicle are urged to be cleared out immediately. Any vehicle parked alongside of a snow mound that impedes the pathway, of at least 14 feet, for any emergency vehicle will be removed.

Payment for any extraordinary labor, towing, and/or storage fees for vehicles towed during this operation will be the responsibility of the vehicle’s registered owner.

The streets listed to be plowed are:

  • Avon Street (Entire length)
  • Bender Avenue (Entire length)
  • Berwyn Street (Entire length)
  • Camden Street (Entire length)
  • Charlotte Terrace (Entire length)
  • Chester Avenue (Entire length)
  • Colfax Avenue West (Entire length)
  • Colonial Road
  • Donald Place (Entire length)
  • Elm Street (Entire length)
  • Filbert Street
  • Grant Avenue East (Entire length)
  • Hawthorne Street (100 block)
  • Larch Street (Entire length)
  • Magie Avenue (Entire length)
  • Park Place
  • Pershing Avenue (Entire length)
  • Seaton Avenue (Entire length)
  • Sheridan Avenue (Entire length)
  • Sherman Avenue (Entire length)
  • Valley Road (Entire length)
  • Warren Avenue (Entire length)
  • Woodland Avenue (700 block)

Below is a graphical map that can be expanded to full screen by clicking on the top right corner. A list of the streets on the map can be viewed by clicking the upper left side corner.