Case Against Monica Montoya Postponed

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Lathala: Agosto 23, 2007 @ 3:25 PM EDT
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The Roselle Park municipal court case against Monica Montoya has been postponed until, pinaka-malamang, some time in November.

Ms. Montoya’s attorneys, Martin Perez and Patricia Bombelyn, had a closed door pre-hearing conference with Ann Rubin from the Union County prosecutor’s office. After the conference they presented themselves before Judge Jeffrey Angelo to discuss their conference. Ms. Montoya’s attorneys stated that they were notified that neither Ann Rubin nor anyone in her department will be conducting the Internal Affairs investigationthat will be handled by Dan Hancock and his department. The Internal Affairs investigation will look into the conduct of officer Breuninger with regard to the incident on June 20, 2007. Ms. Montoya’s attorneys claimed this would have caused a conflict of interest with regard to their case. Bukod pa rito, the state Attorney General’s office stated that they see no conflict involved in the Union County Prosecutor’s office handling both aspects of the case. The Attorney General’s office will not involve itself in the case.

Both parties agreed that the law office of Perez & Bombelyn will receive any discovery obtained through the Union County Prosecutor’s office within 30 araw. There will be an additional 20 days for a response on receipt of discovery. This will push the case till late October / early November. A formal Case Management Conference has been set for October 4th to discuss the progress of the proceedings with discovery.