Three Arrested For CDS Possession

On Thursday, September 2, 2010 at approximately 3:49 p.m. while traveling westbound on Westfield Avenue near Walnut Street, Patrolman Nicholas Vaughan observed a gold Honda Civic traveling west. The vehicle was observed making an unsafe lane change and had a view obstruction.

A motor vehicle stop led to and an investigation which resulted in the discovery of a clear plastic sandwich bag which contained (14) fourteen small clear green ziplock baggies containing suspected CDS marijuana, in possession of a rear seat passenger identified as Marc Santucci of Hopatcong.

Patrolman Vaughan also located a blank prescription bottle containing suspected CDS marijuana. The driver, Adetola Sajimi, and passenger Ivan Spidell, both from Teaneck, were charged with possession of under 50 grams of marijuana.

Spidell was charged with 2C:35-10(a)4 and 2C:36-2. He was later released pending a Superior Court date of September 15, 2010.

Sajimi was charged with 2C:35-10(a)4. He was also issued motor vehicle summons for 39:4-88(b), 39:3-74, and 39:4-49.1. He was released pending a Superior Court date of September 15, 2010.

Patrolman Vaughan continued his investigation resulting in a consent search of Santucci’s residence at his University dorm room. Detective Dominick Frino and Patrolman Richard Hernandez Jr. assisted Patrolman Vaughan and University officers conducting the search.

During the search, officers located the following items inside Santucci’s room.

  • $115.00 US currency,
  • Four (4) clear green plastic baggies containing suspected CDS marijuana,
  • One (1) clear ziplock baggie containing suspected CDS marijuana,
  • (47) empty clear green ziplock baggies,
  • One (1) electric scale with marijuana residue,
  • One (1) red cigar case containing four (4) partially smoked hand rolled cigars containing suspected CDS marijuana,
  • Five (5) clear green empty ziplock baggies.

Santucci was charged with 2C:35-7, 2C:35-7.1A, 2C:35-5(b)11, 2C:35-10(a)4, and 2C:36-2 and released pending a Superior Court date first appearance of September 15, 2010.