The Reports And Video Related To Arrest Of Michael Yakubov

The Roselle Park Police Department (RPPD) Investigative Reports and accompanying video of the questioning of Michael Yakubov have been obtained by Roselle Park News.

In an attempt to remove any speculation or rumors regarding statements by candidates, their representatives, political operatives, or the public, these records are being released not to add to any sensationalism but, instead, to set the record straight and allow readers to read, see, and hear for themselves.

The over 14-minute video statement with RPPD Sergeant Matthew Disano has the officer discussing with Mr. Yakubov the now well-known arrest. In the video, Mr. Yakubov stated things which he repeated during his opening statement at the October 29th Roselle Park Mayoral Candidate Debate but during questioning that Saturday evening into Sunday morning, he made no mention of taking in any garbage cans as he had stated this past Wednesday night. Additionally, the Investigative Report of officer Gaylord stated that Mr. Yakubov ran, which the mayoral candidate said was not the case during the debate.

Mr. Yakubov declined to comment for this article when contacted.

When reached for comment, Carl Hokanson, the other person running for Mayor stated, “I will not comment at this time. Mr. Yakubov is innocent until proven guilty and we should let this work its way through the system.”

The following documents are available for viewing below:

  • RPPD Investigative Report of RPPD Officer Richard Gaylord
  • RPPD Supplemental Investigative Report of RPPD Officer Matthew Disano
  • RPPD Supplemental Investigative Report of RPPD Officer Theodore Dima
  • Complaint Summons against Michael Yakubov
  • Michael Yakubov Arrest Report
  • Michael Yakubov CAD Report
  • Evidence Photographs

The  report by Sergeant Disano stated that there were no additional charges filed by the Union County Prosecutor’s Office (UCPO) but the two (2) charges filed by Roselle Park are active and are scheduled to be heard at a first appearance on Thursday, November 6, 2014.

It is expected that a change of venue will be requested to another municipality.