The Mayoral Candidate Interviews: Part 2

Below are the final parts of the interviews held separately with both mayoral candidates. Delving into everything from the business community to municipal services, the candidates offer their views on the direction they want to lead the Borough in for the next four years.

The questions engaged a conversation that, at times, included aspects of other questions and allowed for the free flow discussion.

The interviews can be used as a precursor for tomorrow night’s 2014 Roselle Park Mayoral Debate to be held at Borough Hall at 7 in the evening.

Each candidate’s interview can be heard at WRPK Radio (link).

This question of business community in town was a topic each candidate discussed:

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The downtown area and the Special Improvement District (SID) were discussed.

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The One-Seat Ride was discussed. It should be noted these responses were given before the news that the expansion of one-seat night service may begin in January.

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The most asked question from residents – property taxes – was asked, allowing for each candidate to answer on their thoughts and plans to deal with them.

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Views on municipal services and the workings of municipal government was the next question.

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Revaluation, one of the most-discussed issue among the candidates was discussed.

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The issue of volunteers in town was brought up for each candidate to present their views.

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The youth and future of Roselle Park, in the form of a hypothetical Roselle Park High School student graduating in 2015 and returning four years later, was presented to put each candidate’s first term in office in perspective.

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Each candidate closed the interview with their caseĀ for mayor.

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