The 2018 Roselle Park Mayoral Candidate Interviews

The three men running to become Roselle Park’s mayor for the next four years sat down to talk one-on-one about their candidacy. Going beyond soundbites, they went into detail about their platforms, policies, and positions.

Each was given free rein to talk about what they plan to do in the next four years if elected and what they have done as service to the borough in their private and public lives. There was no time limit on the issues that were discussed which gave them the opportunity to go into as much – or little – detail as they wanted on various topics instead of providing punch-word one-line answers.

Originally, the plan of this newspaper was to have these interviews presented in sections so voters could listen in parts whenever they had the time. In light of the public more and more demanding to be treated intelligently and not being coddled or spoon fed, these interviews are being presented in their totality. After serious consideration, it was decided that the interviews will remain as one conversation without being sub-divided.

Are they long? Yes, but that is the purpose: to make listeners informed voters. To have as much detail on a candidate’s positions to make the best choice possible that will shape the next four years. It is easy to just listen to one or two catchphrases. It is better to listen to a substantive discussion.

In total, the interviews run a little under eight hours. They should all be listened to in order to get the most information.

Take out a pencil and paper. Write down things that are of interest or concern or support. Pause the interviews and take note of the time so when it picks up again you can start there. If you want to be an informed voter, this is what it takes.

If some point ended up being vague, or contradictory or glossed over, you as a voter can now ask for clarification. Some things in each of these interviews might give you more insight into a candidate. Some might have made you realize something new or different. Some might help you make up your mind.

The newspaper could easily give a synopsis of all the three candidates’ platforms, policies, and plans but that is not Roselle Park News‘ job. Its job is to provide you – the voter and/or listener – information on what the candidates want to do and have that be in context. It is up to you this time to find out for yourselves. No more excuse of listening to gossip or second-hand information. These are the words and thoughts firsthand of those wishing to be the head of the borough.

These interviews are also an excellent complement to the upcoming mayoral debate on October 11th at borough hall.

If you cannot give eight hours to help you decide on the next 1,461 days, that is on you.

For certain, there will be those who will intentionally listen to find tidbits as talking points or ammunition to criticize. There will be those who listen solely to have their support of a candidate reaffirmed. There will also be those who will go in maybe having some idea of the candidates but will be willing to listen and become informed and make a decision. They will go past the lawn signs and the flyers and literature to get at the heart of the matter which is basically will this person – as an individual – be a good mayor.

So listen, bookmark where you left off, download to a playlist or play it going to and from work, school, the gym, wherever.

It is important.

These candidates sat down to be able to talk about policy, not personality; to discuss issues, not buzzwords.

They deserve to be heard. You deserve to listen.

The audio interviews along with respective contact information for all three (3) mayoral candidates are below (Interviews are listed in the order each candidate sat to have a conversation):

Carl Hokanson:
Download 2018 Interview with Carl Hokanson (Right-mouse click & choose “Save As”)

Joseph Signorello III:
Download 2018 Interview with Joseph Signorello III (Right-mouse click & choose “Save As”)

William Fahoury:
Download 2018 Interview with William Fahoury (Right-mouse click & choose “Save As”)