Teenager Arrested For Possession Of Stolen Vehicle

On Thursday, March 22, at approximately 9 a.m. a Roselle Park police officer on routine patrol arrested an 18-year-old Roselle resident for possessing a stolen motor vehicle. Patrolman Mitchell White observed Quasim Richardson standing next to a 2009 Honda CRV on Madison Avenue near Sherman Avenue. Patrolman White saw Richardson acting nervously near the car then watched as Richardson walked up to the front door of a house on the 200 block of Sherman Avenue. Richardson acted as though he belonged at the house, pretending to use a key on the front door then walking into the back yard. Patrolman White meanwhile learned that the Honda CRV was stolen Wednesday in the Borough of Roselle with the keys inside the vehicle.

Patrolman White waited for backup to arrive and for Richardson to reappear. Richardson emerged from the yard and was stopped by Patrolman White and it was soon discovered that Richardson possessed the ignition keys to the Honda. Richardson was then placed under arrest. Richardson explained that he approached the house in an attempt to convince White that he lived there so he would be left alone. Richardson was transported to RPPD where he was processed and charged receiving stolen property –  2C:20-7, a crime of the third degree. Bail was set at $1,000. Richardson was then transported to the Union County Jail in lieu of bail.