Teen Arrested By 7-11 Continues Disorderly Behavior After Arrest

On August 5th, Patrolman Richard Gaylord responded to a report of a disorderly person near the 7-11 store on Locust Street. Upon arriving at the store, he noticed a man standing tin the roadway waving his arms and yelling loudly. Gaylord recognized the man to be Luis Galindo, age 19 of Roselle Park. Mr. Galindo was exhibiting signs of intoxication.

When officer Gaylord asked him to move from the roadway, Mr. Galindo took a fighting stance and raised his fists and was loudly cursing at the police. Gaylord arrested Galindo without incident. Once in the rear seat of Gaylor’s patrol car, according to the police report, Galindo repeatedly banged his head on the protective metal bars covering the inside of the window. Galindo was warned to stop. He then turned and tried kicking the rear window. Galindo continued to refuse the officer’s commands. He was then sprayed with Oleoresin Capsicum (also known as pepper spray). Galindo immediately stopped his disorderly behavior.

Once at RPPD, Galindo was decontaminated. He then continued his disorderly behavior. He was soon released to a family member, pending an appearance in Roselle Park Municipal Court.