Resident Arrested And Charged With Bicycle Theft

Resident Arrested And Charged With Bicycle Theftthumbnail
Published: அக்டோபர் 11, 2017 @ 1:17 PM EST

அக்டோபர் 7 ம் தேதி, சுமார் 8:10 நண்பகல் 12 மணியில் இருந்து நள்ளிரவு 12 மணி வரை உள்ள காலம், Roselle Park Police Department officers responded to the 200 block of West Westfield Avenue where a witness observed a suspicious male who had just abandoned a bicycle in the area and was last seen walking eastbound on the Route 28. Officer Ryan Hokanson located the suspicious male and abandoned bicycle.

செய்திகள், it was discovered that the black BMX-style bicycle belonging to a 41-year-old Elizabeth resident was stolen from in front of 405 மேற்கு வெஸ்ட்ஃபீல்ட் அவென்யூ. As a result of the investigation, Milton Naranjo, வயது 51 Roselle பார்க் இருந்து, was placed under arrest and charged with theft. He was issued a summons for the theft and released with a Roselle Park Municipal Court date.