T-N-R Looking For Donations And Sponsors

This month marks a year that the municipality enacted a T-N-R (Trap-Neuter-Release/Return) program for feral and abandoned cats, making it the first in Union County to institute such a program. At the September 3rd Mayor & Council meeting, Mayor Carl Hokanson asked for assistance from residents to help with the cost for the spaying/neutering of cats.

“This summer, we’ve had an over-abundance of cats,” said Mayor Hokanson, “The cats are out there. If they’ not fixed, they’re going to keep reproducing. If anybody’s out there listening that’s a cat lovers, I’m looking for donations to help sponsor the neutering.”

Mayor Hokanson stated that the cost of neutering or spaying is $60-$75 per cat. Although a significant cost, a fixed cat will impact the problem of overpopulation and then the matter of dealing humanely with the neutered animals can be addressed.

With pregnancy in cats generally lasting around two months and each litter producing four to six kittens and the average of a cat having three litters a year, two cats can become up to 15 cats. With five litters (one in each ward), the problem of not dealing with overpopulation correctly becomes clear with over 70 homeless cats that are not fixed in the borough in just one year.  Having just 10% of those reproduce the following year can result in up to 200 homeless feral cats.

The mayor stated that he is in the process of setting up clinics with volunteers to get residents educated on T-N-Rand so they can have a hand in making to program successful.

Mayor Hokanson can be reached by phone at (908) 666-7817 or via his official e-mail address on the Borough’s website (link). Although he has a Facebook page, Mayor Hokanson has stated that he prefers – and responds most quickly – to a phone call.