T-Minus 100

Roselle Park News will cease publication on December 31, 2018.

After eight-and-a-half years, the online newspaper dedicated to the one-square-mile borough in Union County will have published its last news article on the last day of this year.

In the end, it was not due to any personal crisis, public scandal, extreme health emergency, being run out of town on a rail, having been exposed as Q Anon, running away with a non-existent tail between any legs, the witness protection program, white flight, being tired of it all or moving on to bigger & better . . . it was simply due to moving actually. The Qersdyn family will be starting 2019 elsewhere other than 07204.

Be assured that until then, columns will be written, articles will be filed, investigative pieces will still be worked on, information will still be distributed, and the news related to Roselle Park will still be reported on by this newspaper.

T-minus 100 days and counting.