Suspect Breaks Into Family Dollar Twice In One Week

On July 20, 2011 at 3:25 a.m., Roselle Park Police responded to the Family Dollar store located on East Westfield Avenue on a report of a front door motion sensor activated alarm. Upon arrival, officers found that the rear door of business located on the Williams Street side of the store was unlocked. Upon entering the store, officers observed three (3) square tin metal ceiling tiles had been pushed in – located at about the center of the store. Disturbed was a large stand located towards the center front of the store which was filled with numerous types of chocolate candy bars that were thrown about the floor. Officers checked the interior of the building and found it to be unoccupied.
Officers checked the roof area with the assistance of the Roselle Park Fire Department with negative results for any actors still at the scene. Entry to roof appeared to be gained by removing some metal panels to air conditioning units which then allowed access.

Security cameras recorded a possibly Hispanic male wearing a white colored shirt with blue-colored shorts, white socks, and white & black-colored sneakers. The suspect was also wearing what appeared to be a black-colored skull cap on his head and what appeared to be a black-colored Jansport backpack. The suspect on monitor was observed stuffing numerous candy bars in his backpack which were taken off a candy rack located towards the center front of the store. He then exited the store through the rear door.

The exact amount and price of store proceeds is unknown at this time. A check of the area for the suspect in the surveillance video proved negative.

The suspect is the same individual, wearing the same clothing, who committed a burglary the previous night at the same location but left empty handed.

Anyone with information or who is able to identify this actor is asked to call the Roselle Park Police at (908) 245-2300.