Suspect Arrested After Fleeing From Police

On October 4, 2012  at 12:36 p.m., Sergeant Dominick Frino was on patrol when he noticed the driver of a 2002 Chevrolet Impala was operating the vehicle without wearing a seatbelt. A check of the vehicle’s license plate revealed that the owner’s NJ driver’s license was suspended.

The Sergeant turned and followed the vehicle. The Impala turned southbound onto Linden Road then recklessly avoided the red traffic light at First Avenue by cutting through the 7-Eleven parking lot in Roselle. The vehicle continued traveling south on Drake Avenue. Sgt. Frino temporarily lost sight of the vehicle but soon found it abandoned in a nearby driveway.

Sgt. Frino broadcast a description of the suspect to other patrol units as well as the Roselle Police Department. Patrolman Nicholas Vaughan responded to assist and found the suspect running south on Drake Avenue, two blocks south of the abandoned car.

Brian Perez, age 21, of Elizabeth, NJ was arrested and charged with Obstruction of Justice and several traffic violations.