Summer Camp Director Resigns Retroactively After Discovery Of Unexcused Absences

Documents obtained by Roselle Park News show that Nicole Honrath was working as a tennis camp instructor in Bedminster while, at the same time, being the Summer Camp Director in Roselle Park for the week of July 10th. An inquiry made to the Roselle Park Board Of Education office revealed that no formal written request was ever made by Ms. Honrath to leave her position as director during that time nor was any approval given by the board or administration.

Ms. Honrath was appointed as the director of the 8-week summer camp program from June 26th through August 18th for $18,000 at the May 9th 2017 Board Of Education (BOE) meeting. According to the contract with the Township of Bedminster, Ms. Honrath would be a tennis camp instructor between the hours of 1 p.m. and 4 p.m. Monday through Friday from July 10th through the 14th with section 5 reading that she must arrive at least a ½ hour prior to the start of the program. Taking into account the over 40-minute drive of the 36-mile trip means she would have been absent some time after 12 noon from the Roselle Park Summer Camp at Roselle Park High School.

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Under her maiden name “Nicole De Leon”, Ms. Honrath was listed on literature for the Bedminster Township Recreation Tennis Camp noting that she is a coach at Roselle Park High School:

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Although there are previous fliers from Bedminster for previous years dating back to 2014, this was the first time Ms. Honrath was the camp director responsible for the day-to-day administration of the summer program and the campers who were enrolled.

Investigation started when, at the July 20th BOE meeting, an agenda item listed James Ranieri as the Summer Camp Director starting July 18th for $9,000. In a previous version of the agenda, Nicole Honrath was listed under staff resignation as of July 13th. The final agenda, which was voted on by the board, did not list her resignation so, according to the public document, the camp had two directors.

Ms. Honrath’s weekly pay as the summer camp director in Roselle Park was $2,250. A canceled check from the Township of Bedminster – which is evidence that Ms. Honrath did complete her duties as a tennis coach – paid Ms. Honrath $3,510 for the week of July 10th, evidently for 26 tennis students.

Communication through e-mail and phone to Ms. Honrath – in order to allow her to comment on this article – were made but no response was received.

As of last Friday afternoon, in response to an inquiry from the newspaper, it was stated that no resignation from Ms. Honrath had been delivered to the board office. As of this publication and after attempts to contact Ms. Honrath were made, a resignation – as of close of business July 13th – is on tonight’s agenda.

Tonight’s BOE meeting is set to start at 7 p.m. in the Roselle Park Middle School auditorium, located at 57 West Grant Avenue.

(*Editor’s Note: The author did have his children enrolled for part of the summer program this year.)