Suburban Disposal To Pick Up Recycling Starting This Week

After terminating the recycling agreement with Equipment Rental Services (ERS), the municipality has contracted Suburban Disposal to provide recycling services for the borough this week, starting tomorrow, Tuesday, August 13, 2013. The west side of town is scheduled to be started and completed tomorrow while the east side is scheduled for Wednesday, August 14th. The dividing line for the west and east side of town is Chestnut Street.

“Going forward we will, and need, to make more permanent arrangements through the Bond company who provided the performance bond to ERS,” stated First Ward Councilman Andrew Casais. The councilman added that the understanding is that the Borough will pay the new recycling contractor the amount that was agreed upon with ERS and that anything charged over and above that amount will be paid by the bond company. This will be the case with this coming pickup and going forward although it is not certain at this time for how long the arrangement, or a new contract, will be in place (one year, two years, etc.).

Councilman-At-Large Carl Hokanson stated that very preliminary discussions were started with RoselleĀ  to see if shared services could be arranged with our neighboring town provide recycling services.

“We’re willing to help out Roselle Park and willing to extend an arm. We’ve overhauled our recycling program here which is actually bringing new revenue for us [in Roselle],” stated Roselle Mayor Jamel Holley when reached for comment, “We’d be willing to help Roselle Park out and do shared services for the betterment of both towns.”

Residents are still asked to bundle or place their paper recycling products (paper, newspaper, cardboard, magazines, etc.) in an acceptable container – between 20-30 gallons with a handle – but that material is to be kept separate from their other recycling (aluminum, glass, plastics) which can all be put in a separate container.

Residents do not have to tie paper goods if they are being placed in an acceptable container. Paper materials only need to be tied if a container is not being used.