Spring Toys At Acker Park Out For Repair

The spring toys at the front section of Acker Park have been taken down for repairs. The toys, which now have their location covered by orange traffic cones, were removed due to footing damage when the springs were dislodged from the footings.

The toys had previously broken and were repaired but the repair did not work so now new footings will need to be installed. The Department of Public Works (DPW) removed the toys and placed the cones over their location as a safety precaution. Once the new footings are installed, the spring toys will be returned to Acker Park. Initially, there were discussion whether to remove the toys and simply put rubber matting in but the DPW felt that removing the spring toys would not be fair to the smaller children who use them.

The purchase order for the repairs are scheduled to be on tomorrow night’s agenda for the Mayor & Council meeting. The work is estimated to take a month.