Special MLUB Meeting Canceled

The special Municipal Land Use Board (MLUB) Meeting scheduled for tonight, Monday, October 4, 2010, has been canceled. The meeting was called for on September 20th, at the end of last month’s MLUB meeting due to the lateness of the hour caused by the T-Mobile Land Use Application which was denied by the MLUB earlier in the evening. In speaking with MLUB Clerk Gail Scaglione, she stated that the MLUB contacted the Borough Clerk, Doreen Cali, and Mrs. Cali stated that the ordinances, although important, were not time sensitive.

The ordinances will be placed on the October 18th meeting of the MLUB and will then be discussed and acted on by mayor and council at their following meeting on November 4th, two (2) days after the election for mayor, 3rd ward, and 4th ward council.