Some Candidates Have Yet To File Contribution Reports

A review of the required contribution reports by both the candidates and political committees shows that half of them, according to the State of New Jersey, have not filed the required forms.

The latest form that had to be filed by candidates was the 11-Day Pre-Election Contribution Form by October 24th or the A-1 form declaring that little or no funds were donated nor used in a campaign. As of 10 a.m. this morning, two of the candidates have not filed any reports since the start of their campaign – 1st Ward Candidate Patricia Jordan and Council-At-Large candidate Richard Templeton – according to the New Jersey Election Law Enforcement Commission (NJ ELEC).

Out of the remaining four, only one – Mayoral Candidate Carl Hokanson – has filed all his reports by their respective due dates. First Ward Candidate Eugene Meola and Council-At-Large Charlene Storey filed their A-1 forms, which declared that the Roselle Park Democratic Committee was handling their funds, days after the October 24th deadline.

Mayoral Candidate Michael Yakubov filed his 29-Day Pre-Election Contribution Report on October 28th, one day after being contacted by Roselle Park News. Diane Kurz, spokesperson for ‘Michael For Mayor 2014’ stated that Mr. Yakubov filed his 11-Day Pre-Election Contribution Report as well but no copy of it, which was requested, was ever delivered.

Additionally the Roselle Park Republican Municipal Committee (RPRMC) has not filed any reports since the start of the campaign according to NJ ELEC. Again, Mrs. Kurz responded, “RPRMC records show that RPRMC filed Form A 3 – the only form they are required to file for the year.

Copies of the RPRMC’s reports – which are public records – were never provided to Roselle Park News by Mrs. Kurz when requested.

In the past – since 2002 – there have been only four (4) other Roselle Park municipal candidates who have been cited for failing to file required contribution reports by the required dates. Three out of the four men cited had fines imposed against them when a decision was rendered that they, in fact, had failed to file reports in a timely fashion. Those three men were William Malcolm, Jr. (2002), Victor G. Fuzo (2005), and John F. Kennedy (2012). Each was fined between $200 and $250. The only complaint that remains open is against former 2nd Ward Councilman Marc Caswell who was cited in 2012 for failing to file in a timely fashion. The final decision on that complaint has not been rendered yet.


UPDATE (November 5, 2014 @ 10 a.m. EST): NJ ELEC records show that the RPRMC submitted their required reports (both Form A-1 and R-1) on November 3, 2014 – one day before the general election – and the forms were posted this morning on the NJ ELEC website – one day after the election.