Snow Still On Some Sidewalks & Streets

Alex Haluszczak came before council during the final meeting of the year to discuss some issues with snow clean-up. He stated that his street was cleaned up by Tuesday/Wednesday but there still were cars that were parked on Valley Road, “Could police possibly do something that if you have snowfall more than 16 inches three days later, either side of the street, nobody can park there until plows can clear it? This way it increases parking.”

“We have snow emergency streets and normally what is regular protocol is that the police department will go down with a PA system, ” Mayor DeIorio responded, “I don’t think it was done the way it normally was done this time around. I know that helps move cars along.”

Second ward councilman and mayor-elect Joe Accardi added that he was on Valley Road on Wednesday and that the police department was knocking on doors asking people to move cars across the street so they could plow. He was aware that there were a few cars that have been there a while which have received summonses.

Mr. Haluszczak asked how are apartment tenants were notified since he observed that most of the cars parked along Valley Road came from the apartments. The mayor-elect stated that the municipality will be looking into ways to facilitate cleaning of the streets which include ideas such as requiring cars to move from one side of the street to another as well as opening up public parking lots to help clear out the streets.

Additionally, Mr. Haluszczak brought up the issue of having sidewalks being cleared for pedestrians. He commutes to the city every day an he walks along Westfield Avenue to catch a bus into Manhattan. He stated that it took until Thursday to have Burger King clear a path in front of their business so that people could safely walk on the sidewalk instead of the street. He stated that at 6:30 in the morning having people walk Westfield avenue is dangerous.

“I understand you have to give them some time but two or three days later it’s a little much. If I have to clear my sidewalk for myself, my tenant, and for the neighbors and the street and the driveway – they’re making money in this town, they should be able to clear at least a small path like they did today finally,” stated Alex Haluszczak during the public portion.

The mayor stated that there is an ordinance that requires snow removal which can range from $100 to $1,000, the final amount is up to the discretion of the judge when it comes before the municipal court.

“You’re right on the money. It has to be cleared,” the mayor agreed, “Otherwise you’re going to put people in danger by walking on the highway.”

“I e-mailed him today and he got right back to me saying it was going to be addressed,” Mr. Haluszczak stated, referring the Code Enforcement Officer Carl Plucchino, “On my walk home there was a path from Cranford to Roselle Park.”

Fourth ward councilman Modesto Miranda also addressed the issue of residents and business that did not have their sidewalks cleared.

“I got a few phone calls that there were a couple of sidewalks that weren’t cleared at all. I gave him a call,” councilman Miranda stated, again referring to the Code Enforcement Officer, ” and he said he was going to look into them.”

Residents and businesses in town should be aware that the path in front of their property must be cleared 12 hours after a snowfall ends. Anyone with questions or concerns should contact the code enforcement office at (908) 245-2721 or email at or their council representative. Mayor Joseph Accardi stated that residents of the second ward can contact him at or (908) 245-6222 as their representative until someone is appointed to his now vacant seat.