Snow Brings Down Tree Limbs & Power Lines

With Halloween one day away, yesterday’s snow resulted in police line tape along with fallen tree limbs and power lines in Roselle Park. Various residents mentioned hearing what sounded like distant thunder which later turned out to be the cracking of falling branches.

Traffic had to be, and in some cases still is, diverted due to power lines strewn across streets or downed branches blocking safe passage. Some of those streets included:

  • Bender Avenue
  • East Webster Avenue
  • East Lincoln Avenue
  • Walnut Street
  • East Clay Avenue
  • Hemlock Street
  • Filbert Street
  • Willow Avenue
  • East Grant Avenue @ Berwyn Street
  • East Grant Avenue before Walnut Street
  • East Roselle Avenue @ Chestnut Street
  • East Roselle Avenue @ Hamilton Place
  • Madison Avenue @ Bender Avenue
  • Madison Avenue @ Sheridan Avenue
  • Markthaler Place
  • West Sumner Avenue @ Filbert Street

Numerous residents have been left without power with PSE&G stating that estimated return of service might come as late as Wednesday. DPW was seen out working on clearing streets of debris and branches.

“We were lucky,” Paul and Clare Bulger stated. Their house was one of many left without power but they also had their electrical box pulled partially from their house when tree limbs around the corner came down on power lines and created a chain effect of sparks, fire, and smoke, “It was scary but it could have been much worse.”

Neighbor John Stephens was fortunate enough to salvage his trees. “I came out during the snow and kept banging my trees so the snow wouldn’t weigh down the branches,” he stated.

Other residents were concerned about children walking to school tomorrow and trick or treating. One unnamed resident stated, “Kids walking to school will have to walk through snow, possible ice, and down trees.”

Mayor Joseph Accardi was aware of the concerns and commented on those two pressing issues.

“The municipality is in talks with the BOE (Board Of Education) to see about how to handle schools tomorrow but the only problem is that if school is canceled, then there‚Äôs the potential to have more kids out unsupervised throughout the day,” the Mayor stated. He added, “We recommend that parents accompany their children to school tomorrow and to curtail trick or treating to daylight hours. We’re doing everything to minimize danger while still trying to have a fun day for the kids.”

Bender Avenue, known as Halloween Central for the large volume of trick-or-treaters who visit the area annually, had some downed trees and the area closest to Westfield Avenue was cordoned off. As of this article, it is still scheduled to continue. The job of clean-up throughout the borough and schools will continue throughout the next couple of days.

A photo montage of damage caused by the snowfall can be viewed by clicking here.