Signorello Family Presents RPHS Wrestling 1,000th Win Sign Donation

The Signorello family’s donation of three (3) signs recognizing the Roselle Park High School (RPHS) wrestling team’s 1,000th win was presented to the public at the September 6th Mayor & Council meeting. Earlier, in January of this year, RPHS wrestling team won its thousandth dual meet win (link). It is only the fourth high school wrestling program in America – and just the second in New Jersey – to mark that achievement.

Joseph Signorello, Joseph Signorello Jr. and Joseph Signorello III were joined by wrestling head coach Ryan Rooney along with Varsity wrestlers Gabe Leo and Elvin Guerrero to present the sign to the borough.

Joseph Signorello Jr. wearing his Fire Chief’s uniform, spoke for the family. He stated, “The Signorello family – all the boys – my sister wanted to pitch in but we told her no. My brothers couldn’t make it tonight; one’s at football, one’s tending the bar, and my son’s working. We all chipped in. This is something we’re proud of and very humbled that we’re part of the wrestling community and we pitched in to get these three signs.”

Chief Signorello went on to recount how he was touched when United States Congressman Donald Payne Jr. congratulated the 1,000th win on the floor of the United States Congress. Chief Signorello said, “It was so nice to see that, with his bowtie on the [Congressional floor] to say the little community Roselle Park has these thousand wins.”

The middle Joseph concluded by saying, “I appreciate your time tonight. Hopefully, the DPW will put them up soon. I think we’re going to borrow one. There’s a reunion on Monday, Mr. Finizio runs this reunion for Roselle Park folks and they’re going to have a little Roselle Park memorabilia. Thank you for your time.”

The signs are set to be placed at three entry points to the borough” Westfield Avenue at Valley Road, Westfield Avenue at Galloping Hill Road, and Chestnut Street at Roselle Avenue.