Signed Resolutions To Be Posted On Borough Website

Starting this year, in a continuing effort to bring Roselle Park into the 21st century, Borough Clerk Andrew Casais has initiated posting resolutions on the municipality’s website.

In addition to when they are listed in meeting agenda, the fully-signed and executed resolutions will be listed in PDF format. Each set of legal government actions will be grouped by the meeting they were voted on and passed by the governing body. The vote tally and certifications by both myself and the Chief Financial Officer will also be included.

Mr. Casais stated, “In review of the idea I considered [that] this further extends the borough’s library of documents posted on the website, allows for an easy meeting-by-meeting review of resolutions acted upon by the governing body, promotes full disclosure of governing actions to the public, and provides an easy way for interested parties to find records without having to file an OPRA request.”

Roselle Park resolutions can be viewed by clicking here.