Sidewalk Repair Program To Start May 8th

Department of Public Works (DPW) Superintendent Mark Pasquali stated at last night’s municipal meeting that the sidewalk program will be starting next week – the week of May 8th.

Mr. Pasquali said that residents can call the DPW at (908) 245-7676 or download an application and mail it in. Residents can also call to see if they can scan and e-mail the completed form.

The form itself reads that requests for repair of sidewalks that are cracked, broken, or severely lifted by trees planted between the sidewalk and the curb line will be accepted on a first-come-first-serve basis and there is no guarantee of repair due to the limit on the number of repairs.

The criteria listed for requests are:

  • The sidewalk must be broken or cracked by roots of a tree planted between the sidewalk and curb line.
  • Lifted sidewalks must be raised a minimum of one (1) inch over the normal level plane of the sidewalk path.

A copy of the request form is available on the municipal website (link). A copy is also available for download below:
Download Sidewalk Repair Request Form