Sherman School Variety Show Hits All The Right Notes!

In a throwback to classic variety shows that had everything from comedy to song & dance performances to instrumental musical interpretations, the Sherman School PTA Variety Show had its debut performance last night. The standing-room-only audience had parents, grandparents, aunts, uncles, cousins, nephews, friends, neighbors, and residents cheering on as the cast sang, danced, joked, and played their hearts out.

On a picture-perfect sunny and warm day, ten performances were segued with skits and stand-up comedy.

The evening’s show started with the Chhabra Brothers playing the National Anthem which was followed by the charismatic Bowen Brothers who warmed the crowd up with comedy. The first choreographic performance of the night was a troupe of five Sherman students – Julie Joseph, Hope Kennedy, Lillian Perez, Olivia Perez, and Zachary Ramirez – interpreting Bruno Mars’ “Finesse”.

Next up, Kinney siblings Christian & Joseph joined Nicholas Sosa for a trio comedy skit before introducing a stage-packed performance of Annie’s “Hard Knock Life” with Brandon Califano, Jaqueline Diaz, Madison Harms, Charlie Lichtenwalner, Adrianna Motley, Adrianna Neto, Sofia Ramos, and Isabella Rodriguez.

After the comedy stylings of Dominic Macioszek, Dyanna Negron, and Jayden Ramos, flautist (not florist) Jocelyn Swyberius gave an engaging performance of Katy Perry’s “Roar”.

Chris Tango & Felix Leingang offered up a rip-roaring skit which was followed by Saniya Bakshi, Tanisi Dudani, Isla Gichana, and Naira Campos-Sekou dancing to the Camila Cabello hit “Havanna”.

The Bowen Brothers returned with a second serving of their comedy. This was followed by the Chhabra Brothers taking the stage again for their trumpet & drum pulsing of The White Stripes’ “Seven Nation Army”.

The Kinney Brothers along with Nicholas Sosa came back up to keep the crowd laughing before Isabella Green, Mackenzie Modero, Mariposa Qersdyn, and Lily Vita performed “What’s My Name?” from the popular Disney TV movie ‘Descendants 2’.

After a comedy break provided by Dominic, Dyanna, and Jayden the RP Blues Band took the stage for a live performance. Lucas Braga – who channeled the spirit and attitude of Flea from the Red Hot Chili Peppers – was joined by Grace Mondaro on harmonica and Madison O’Connell on drums along with Mr. David Modero on piano.

Penny Roche – mic and cue cards in hand – took the stage for the final stand-up act of the night.

Peter Pan’s “I Won’t Grow Up” had 13 students – Lauren Donnely, Charlotte Falcon, Madelyn Hemenway, Isabelle Latorre, Adam Macioszek, Audrey Miller, Megan Nichol, Melanie Nunez, Sofia Ortiz, Sofia Rodriguez, Jaelyn Rosa, Meriam Samaan, and Logan Vita – give a showstopping performance.

The evening closed with the entire cast of the show giving a heartfelt rendition of “We Know the Way” from Disney’s ‘Moana’ which featured Gianna Bowman and Gianna Qiu on ukulele.

The hard work and genuine love for the arts showed in the students’ performances which were professionally directed by Jensyn & David Modero and choreographed by Marrisa Jane.

At some point during the show, one could feel that those watching as well as those taking part felt in their hearts the beauty and wonder of what it is to be part of a small town.

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