Shakespeare’s Henry IV Coming To Roselle Park In August

“O gentlemen, the time of life is short”
Henry IV, Part 1, Act V, Scene II

Ever hear the one about the father who gets a promotion by clawing up that ladder over the backs of those he stabbed and wants his son to continue in the family business but the kid wants no part of it? Well, basically, that is what Henry IV is about. It is the story of Henry IV and his son Hal – the prince who never wanted to be king – and his father who betrayed the men closest to him and experienced not only the fall of his reputation, but his country, and struggled to regain his relationship with his son.

The Friends Of The Roselle Park Library are bringing William Shakespeare’s play Henry IV (Parts 1 & 2) to life at 7 p.m. on Thursday, August 25th, at the Roselle Park Veterans Memorial Library.

The Hudson Shakespeare Company, New Jersey based theater troupe that – since 1992 – has produced over 100 productions and counting in a variety of outdoor and indoor venues, will bring their production of Shakespeare’s tale about the ups and downs of one Henry Bollingbroke and his son.

The live and in-person performance will take place at the Roselle Park Veterans Memorial Library and is free to all.

More information on the Hudson Shakespeare Company can be found on their website (link). The Roselle Park Veterans Memorial Library is located at 404 Chestnut Street.