Sentencing Of Ronald Scull Postponed Indefinitely

The sentencing of former Roselle Park police sergeant Ronald Scull has been postponed indefinitely. According to Assistant United States Attorney Lee Vartan, Mr. Scull has been hospitalized and is too ill to be sentenced.

“He’ll be sentenced at some point in the future. I don’t know when specifically,” stated Mr. Vartan, “but a lot of that depends upon when his medical issues resolve.”

At the original sentencing hearing, sentencing was postponed when Judge Pisano asked for additional medical records pertaining to Mr. Scull’s  serious medical issues  which included heart disease. In addition to medical records, the judge considered calling a defense expert to talk about Mr. Scull’s medical condition and whether or not the Bureau of Prisons would be able to accommodate Mr. Scull were he sentenced to a term of imprisonment.

The defense began to produce those records when Mr. Scull became hospitalized. According to the U.S. Attorney’s Office, Mr. Scull has been in the hospital for a number of weeks although it was not confirmed if he was still hospitalized as of this report.

In response to clarification regarding whether or not Mr. Scull will ever get sentenced, Mr. Vartan stated, “If he gets well enough to actually get out of the hospital and be on his feet, he will be sentenced at some point.”