Second Part Of Sullivan Property Application To Be Heard Tonight

The property at 10 West Westfield Avenue, commonly known as the Sullivan property, will have the second part of its application heard tonight at the Municipal Land Use Board (MLUB). The first part of the application was heard in June of this year.

After five years of no development, the only major stumbling block – the repeal of Municipal Ordinance 2298 in January of this year by the current governing body – was removed; this allowed for the application be heard. That ordinance prohibited parking between the building line and the street line, and one of the proposed businesses in the application, AutoZone, has such parking as part of its general development plan.

At the June meeting, it was determined that amid certain protests that an AutoZone was not an allowable use for that particular business zone, that an auto parts store was allowable under Retail Trade. The only major issues with the application that remain have to do with the percentage of landscaping and issues with signage.

The public comment portion of the meeting which deals with general topics is limited to two minutes but the public hearing on any specific application, including this one, will not have a time limit.

The application is expected to be decided tonight. The MLUB meeting is scheduled for 7 p.m. at the Roselle Park Municipal Complex (Borough Hall).