Seaton Avenue Dispute Call Ends In Arrest

On April 18, 2011 at approximately 12:17 a.m., Patrolmen Gregory Polakoski and Edward Nortrup responded to the 300 block of Seaton Avenue on a report of a possible dispute. Upon arrival, police spoke the resident who stated that a male and female were having a verbal argument outside. The resident stated it was only verbal and nothing physical happened. Police then heard a female yelling upstairs and police proceeded upstairs to investigate.

Police then found a female, identified as Kathryn Mohan, age 30 of Roselle Park, who was heavily intoxicated, belligerent, and screaming obscenities, stating she wanted to go outside and smoke a cigarette. Mohan’s demeanor fluctuated from calm to irate several times while police spoke with her.

Ms. Mohan also would not allow police into the apartment to speak with the other party she was arguing with. She insisted there was no problem and they were only having a party. Police then entered the apartment to speak to the other party in the bedroom where they observed another female lying on the floor who was unresponsive. She also appeared to be heavily intoxicated and the First Aid Squad was contacted and responded. While attempting to check for vital signs and administer first aid to the female, Ms. Mohan repeatedly stepped in front of police stating the unresponsive woman on the floor was okay and prevented police from treating the woman. Mohan was advised several times to step away, however, she ignored police instructions. Ms. Mohan was then placed under arrest. While attempting to handcuff Mohan, she resisted by interlocking her arms and physically resisted police from placing her under arrest.

Eventually Ms. Mahon was subdued and placed under arrest and handcuffed.

She continued to scream obscenities in the police car and kicked the rear passenger side window repeatedly causing no damage. The First Aid Squad arrived on scene and transported the unconscious woman to Overlook Hospital Union Campus for treatment.

Ms. Mohan was charged with 2C:29-1(a) (obstruction) and 2C:29-2(a) (resisting arrest) with a Roselle Park Municipal Court date of April 21, 2011. Ms. Mohan was later released to her boyfriend.