Search For Citizen Leaders

December 31, 2010 will mark the end of three (3) terms on Roselle Park’s governing body. This number however, pales in comparison with the number of various municipal committee, commission, association, and Board terms that are set to expire the same day.

The Environmental Committee, Borough Beautification Committee, Community Center Association, Recreation Committee, and Library Board of Trustees are just a few of the many entities that will hold vacancies at the end of this month. The search is now on to find members of the public willing to fill the vacancies and serve in these positions. The Concerned Citizens of Roselle Park (Roselle Park Citizens), a non-government citizen’s group, has offered to provide any information for residents who may be interested in learning about serving on a municipal board or committee.

The most important step in the process is filling out a Citizen Service Form. This form serves as a formal and legal declaration of a citizen’s willingness to serve as well as a formal request for official consideration the by the 2011 governing body. Municipal terms range anywhere from one (1) to five (5) years depending on the Board or committee. All positions are appointed by the Mayor with some positions requiring confirmation from the Borough Council.

Forms may be picked up at the Office of the Borough Clerk at Roselle Park Borough Hall (110 East Westfield Avenue) or printed out from the Borough Website ( A fully editable computer version of the form can also be downloaded from the Concerned Citizens web site ( Additionally, completed forms should be returned to the Borough Clerk’s office as quickly as possible to ensure adequate time for consideration before Reorganization Day on January 6, 2011.

Currently, there are eight (8) vacancies in committees. They are:

  1. Union County Transportation Advisory Board
  2. Union County Transportation Advisory Board, Alternate
  3. CATV Committee
  4. Community Development Committee
  5. Community Development Committee, Alternate
  6. Municipal Land Use Board, Alternate
  7. Municipal Land Use Board, Class IV
  8. Recreation Committee

According to a list obtained from the Borough Clerk, the following committees, commissions, boards, and positions will have expired terms on December 31, 2010 which can be appointed for 2011. These numbers include alternates (where applicable) and vacancies; they do not included liaisons from the governing body:

  1. Board Of Health (2 positions)
  2. Borough Attorney (1 position)
  3. Borough Historian (1 position)
  4. CATV Committee (16 positions)
  5. Casano Center Committee (1 position)
  6. Clean Communities Coordinator (1 position)
  7. Community Development Committee (4 positions)
  8. Court Administrator (3 positions)
  9. Emergency Management Coordinator (2 positions)
  10. Environmental Commission (1 position)
  11. Labor Attorney (1 position)
  12. Library Board (2 positions)
  13. Morses Creek Flood Control Commission (3 positions)
  14. Municipal Land Use Board (5 positions)
  15. Police Doctor/Panel Physician (1 position)
  16. Prosecutor (2 positions)
  17. Public Defender (2 positions)
  18. Recreation Committee (3 positions)
  19. Solid Waste Advisory Council (1 position)
  20. Special Marshal without Compensation (10 positions)
  21. Street Lighting Committee (2 positions)
  22. Superintendent of Public Works (1 position)
  23. Tax Appeal Attorney (1 position)
  24. Tax Collector (1 position)
  25. Union County Air Traffic Noise Advisory Board (2 positions)
  26. Union County Transportation Advisory Board (3 positions)

Correction (December 10, 2010)

The Tax assessor’s term ends 12/31/2011, not 2010. In a conversation with Borough Clerk Doreen Cali, December 31, 2010 is the end of  the probationary period for the DPW superintendent.