Schools Closed, No Garbage Pick-Up Due To Predicted Snowfall

(Updated 02/08/2017 @ 2205H: Borough offices, municipal court, and the Casino Community Center will also be closed tomorrow, February 9th)

The Roselle Park School District (RPSD) announced on its Facebook page at around 8:30 p.m. that all local public schools will be closed tomorrow due to predicted snowfall of between 4- to 6-inches.

Additionally, the Roselle Park Police Department (RPPD) announced earlier that there will be no garbage pick-up in town tomorrow for he same reason.

RPPD wants to remind motorists that all Roselle Park municipal parking lots will be open to those wishing to move their cars from streets during the snowfall. Free parking will begin tonight and be in effect through tomorrow.

Parking on posted snow streets will be restricted and police will enforce the local and state “No Parking When Road Is Snow Covered” laws. Parking is prohibited on the following streets for snow clean up:

  • Avon Street (east side between Magie Avenue and Westfield Avenue)
  • Beechwood Avenue (both side between Amsterdam Avenue and Colfax Avenue)
  • Chestnut Street (both sides entire length)
  • Clay Avenue (both sides between Grant Avenue and Faitoute Avenue)
  • Colfax Avenue (both sides between Chestnut Street and Laurel Avenue)
  • Colfax Avenue (south side between Laurel Avenue and the south side of Valley Road)
  • Columbus Place (west side between West Clay Avenue and West Westfield Avenue
  • Faitoute Avenue (both sides entire length)
  • Galloping Hill Road (both sides entire length)
  • Grant Avenue (both sides entire length)
  • Hawthorne Street (west side between West Clay Avenue and West Westfield Avenue
  • Hazel Street (east side between West Colfax Avenue and West Roselle Avenue
  • Lincoln Avenue (both sides between Galloping Hill Road and Locust Street)
  • Locust Street (both sides entire length)
  • Roosevelt Street (west side between West Clay Avenue and West Westfield Avenue)
  • Roselle Avenue (both side from Colfax Avenue – northerly and easterly – to the westerly curbline of Hazel Street)
  • Valley Road (both sides between Westfield Avenue and Amsterdam Avenue)
  • Walnut Street (both sides between Grant Avenue and Clay Avenue)
  • Willis Avenue (both sides between West Roselle Avenue south to dead end)

Report of any issues on municipal roads should be reported to RPPD at (908) 245-2300 and only real emergencies should be called in using 9-1-1. Any issues on Union County roads should be directed to the Union County Police at (908) 654-9800.

To report downed power lines or outages:

PSE&G customers should call (800) 436-7734
JCP&L customers can use (800) 545-7738 or (888) 544-4877
Elizabethtown Gas customers can call (800) 492-4009
Caution should be taken if driving or walking tonight.

Information will be available 24 hours a day on Roselle Park radio station 750 AM.