School Superintendent To Develop Strategic Plan

The newly appointed Roselle Park School District Superintendent, Pedro Garrido, with his first week behind him, opened his first Superintendent’s Report by jokingly saying, “I’ve had a week under my belt. I consider myself a veteran now.”

Getting right to the business of educating the children of Roselle Park, Mr. Garrido commented upon his Superintendent’s Message which is on the Roselle Park School District web site (link) in both English and Spanish. He stated, “I truly believe that Roselle Park has the potential to be a superior school district and, [as] I was telling the Board, to be one of the best school districts in the state. We have the staff, we have the Board members, we have the administrators, and I’m very impressed with the student body as well from what I’ve seen.”

Superintendent Garrido thanked the community who welcomed him and remarked that he wants to have a collaborative relationship with the staff and faculty, adding, “I have an open door policy, an open e-mail policy, an open phone policy. So please, if anything, reach out to me.”

Expanding upon a part of his welcome message, the Superintendent said, “I’m going to be preparing or developing a strategic plan – a three-year strategic plan. I will be reaching out to various stakeholders in the district from teachers, staff, [BOE] members to community members to parents and hopefully even students. We can come up with a strategic plan that will guide us and I think that’s something that’s very much needed in the district here just to have something that will guide us for the next three years. The vision of how we’re going to accomplish certain things . . . However, it is just not my plan; it is a cooperative plan and I’m looking forward to, hopefully, getting as many volunteers as possible to join me in writing such an important plan.”

The next BOE meeting is scheduled for Tuesday, September 3rd at 7 p.m. at the Roselle Park High School.