Save Our Post Office

It started about five (5) months ago. A petition was started by a borough woman who wants to go by the initials T.M. to Save Our Post Office (SOPO) in Roselle Park. The petitions for signatures were distributed in the business district on Chestnut Street including the Casano Community Center, the Roselle Park Veterans Memorial Library, and Borough Hall.

Everyone from the young to senior citizens began signing the petition; even people from Elizabeth, Kenilworth, and Roselle. They like Roselle park. Some of them said the service was better than in their towns.

Those in support of Saving Our Post Office said the Post Office is a necessity.

“What good is the business section without a post office?” one business owner asked.

A request was made at a council meeting to have the governing body seek the help and support of the State, County, and Federal representatives to keep our post office open. Mayor Accardi will be presenting a resolution at the League Of Municipalities to continue getting support to Save Our Post Office. What started out with a few pages has now reached over 1,100 signatures and still growing. Signature sheets are still available throughout town.