Council Approves Salary Increases For Three Positions

Three resolutions approved by council at the May 4th municipal meeting increased the salaries of the borough’s tax assessor, fire official, and fire prevention chief inspector.

The resolutions followed council approving Ordinance 2483 (link) on April 20th which raised the maximum limits for six (6) positions including the three that were approved on May 4th through resolutions.

Resolution 138-17, for the tax assessor, documented the $5,000 increase due “to the workload as it pertains to tax assessment within the Borough of Roselle Park as a result of the implementation of the residential abatement program authorized by Ordinance 2482 (link)”. Gail Scaglione is the borough’s current tax assessor.

Resolution 139-17 stated that “there has existed an increase to the workload as it pertains to the conduct and processing of fire code inspections within the Borough” and increased the salary of the Fire Official Joseph Signorello by $2,000. This amount is in addition to Mr. Signorello’s salary of $11,135.60 as fire chief.

Resolution 140-17 gave the reason for the $2,000 as an existing “increase to the workload as it pertains to the conduct and processing of fire code inspections within the Borough”. Jeff Bonner is the borough’s fire prevention chief inspector.

Another reason given for the increases was that potential developments – such as Meridia @ Westfield located at the former Domani’s restaurant – will require increases in workload for inspections.

During the public comment portion of the meeting, resident David Robertson remarked, “With the increased responsibilities for fire code inspections, does this mean that inspections for code violations of multi-dwelling complexes will now be conducted by the borough in lieu of the New Jersey Department of Community Affairs? Because, quite frankly, I don’t think either organization’s been doing a particularly good job. If we’re going to be increasing the responsibilities of the borough personnel, I would like to see some more thorough inspections being done.”

All three salary increases took effect May 1, 2017.

Tax Assessor
Fire Chief Inspector
Fire Official