RPSD Labeled As ‘High Performing School District’

At the February 7th Board Of Education (BOE) meeting, school superintendent Patrick Spagnoletti informed the public that the Roselle Park School District (RPSD) has been labeled as a “High Performing School District” after it underwent a monitoring process by the Quality Single Accountability Continuum (QSAC) and the County Office of Education.

A “High Performing School District” is a designation assigned to a public school district that satisfies at least 80% of the weighted performance indicators of QSAC, which is the Department of Education’s system for public school districts that focuses on monitoring and evaluating school districts in five (5) key components that have been identified to be key factors in an effective school district. The five components are:

  1. Instruction & Program
  2. Personnel
  3. Fiscal Management
  4. Operations
  5. Governance

According to the superintendent, RPSD scored 100% in all but one category; that being Instruction & Program which received a 90%.

“My congratulations to the teachers, to the principals, and to the staff who make this happen,” the superintendent remarked during the meeting, “It’s the culmination of many years of hard work and dedication. My thanks to all of you for a job well done.”

The superintendent recommended that once the school district receives the designation in a formal letter, RPSD’s stationary should include it for the next three (3) years, which is the length of time such designation is given before another review.