RPRC Submits Three Names To Fill Fifth Ward Vacancy

The Roselle Park Republican Committee (RPRC) has submitted three (3) names to fulfill the unexpired term of Michael Yakubov, who resigned on March 5th. The three names are:

  • John M. Finnerty
  • Thomas ‘Thos’ Shipley
  • Richard G. Templeton

Mr. Templeton ran for Council-At-Large last year and lost by 57 votes to current Councilwoman-At-Large Charlene Storey. Thomas Shipley, also known as Thos Shipley, is a professional jazz singer/contemporary artist and is husband of former Roselle Park Mayor Joseph DeIorio.

According to New Jersey statute, the RPRC had 15 days to submit three names – that date being March 20th. New Jersey law also states that the person fulfilling such duties must be from the same political party. In this case, the candidate must be a registered Republican since Mr. Yakubov was of that party.

The governing body now has 15 days to choose one of the three candidates to become the Fifth Ward Councilman until the end of this year. A vote will most likely be taken to appoint one of the three men during the March 19th meeting since the next scheduled Mayor & Council meeting will be on April 2nd, 16 days after today.

There will be no special election since the term expires in under 12 months. The election for the fifth ward will be in November. At that time, voters will be able to elect who represents them in the fifth ward for the next three years.