RPRC Responds To Templeton Switching Political Affiliation

Elizabeth Cairney, the interim Chair of the Roselle Park Republican Committee (RPRC), issued the following statement upon hearing today of Councilman Richard Templeton’s running as a Democrat after being appointed as the Republican representative for the Fifth Ward on March 19th:

It is very disappointing that Mr. Templeton chose to deceive the Roselle Park Republican Committee. Mr. Templeton requested to run as a Republican and requested a screening. He was given the line in good faith and he has deceived us and the residents of the 5th ward who elected a Republican representative with an overwhelming margin of victory.

I hope that he does not practice this same avenue of deceit with the residents of the fifth ward who he now represents. This is quite a civics lesson for the youth of our community, they bear witness to how one man’s deceitful action can change the will of an entire voting community.

We look forward to the campaign and wish him well.

Dan Petrosky, the Chair of the Roselle Park Democratic Committee, stated he would be making a statement on Friday, April 3rd, after 4 p.m.