RPPD Working On Solutions For Valley Road Issues

In response to an accident on January 23rd where a 16-year-old was struck by a vehicle on Valley Road, the Roselle Park Police Department (RPPD) is working on solutions to make the area safer.

At the Feburary 1st Mayor & Council meeting, RPPD Police Chief Paul W. Morrison spoke of the accident and subsequent measures.

“We have been assessing the roadway in question and . . . we have already spoken with [PSEG representative] Joe Signorello, concerning additional lighting in the area,” said Chief Morrison, “It’s a dark area at night. We’re going to add extra signage. We’ll have ‘Slow’ signs as you approach that curve. Also, I would like to discuss with Public Safety possible pedestrian walks in that area. There’s no pedestrian walkways in that area to keep the people off of the street. Our records indicate that there’s never been a pedestrian struck at that location, however, one pedestrian is one too many. So we’re going to work and do whatever we can do to make that a safer intersection.”

Councilman-At-Large Joseph DeIorio added that the proposed walkway was, in his research, owned by the state. He remarked, “We have to figure out how to coordinate that effort.  I was speaking with Councilman Shipley about a couple of ideas that some of the neighbors talked about with that area. It might incorporate sidewalk. It might incorporate some additional pedestrian-friendly measures and potientially to hopefully to get some grant money too.”

The councilman asked to see if the process for lighting could be expedited.

Chief Morrison added that there is also the potential to have solar signs – much like the flashing signs by the train station – in the area to make drivers aware of spped and/or curve in the roadway.

When reached for more information, Chief Morrison stated, “We are hopeful that the County Traffic Division will have the Valley Road traffic study in place by next week and the data from that study should be complied within 30 days . . . The pedestrian walkway that is being recommended will most likely be a budgetary item. PSE&G will also be moving forward with installing larger wattage street bulbs in the existing street lights.”