RPPD To Take Part In RAILSAFE Training

Boston. Monday afternoon. Things changed in an instant. Like 12 years before, a day like any other became a day unlike any other. But it could never happen here. Not in Roselle Park. We know this for a fact. Statistically, the chances of such a tragedy like what happened in Boston are small. Still, Tuesday morning, on our way to work, we looked for familiar faces as well as for what was out of place on the train platform, at the bus stop, while waiting for the light to change. Human nature. Knowing we are safe sometimes does not always translate into feeling safe.

A Roselle Park resident, a few years ago noticed a bag in the Roselle Park Train Station tunnel and informed the Roselle Park Police Department (RPPD). He called dispatch but, back then, stated he was told to contact NJ Transit. He did so but – in light of Boston – he wondered if new training has been implemented to address calls coming in from residents about suspicious material at train stations or anywhere else in town.

“Yes,” Police Chief Paul Morrison responded, “Officers do attend training that is provided by NJ Transit – at no cost – and several officers have attended and been trained.”

Chief Morrison referred to programs that RPPD has participated in with periodic NJ Transit bus checks that are in addition to annual training exercises held for the school district. Additionally, he informed Roselle Park News that another training course, which is part of NJ Transit’s RAILSAFE, will be occurring in the next few weeks and that additional officers have been assigned to attend.

“We always have assignments at the train station,” Chief Morrison stated, “But when things such as the Boston bombing occur, we increase our patrols at the train station as well as having officers checking buses at all stops in Roselle Park. We want the public to see the officers and to also be available for any questions or concerns that the public may have during uncertain times such as this.”

If anyone has any questions or concerns is asked to contact Roselle Park Police at (908) 245-2300.