RPPD Officers Receive “Act Of Kindness” Gifts

The 1st grade student of Mrs. Jean Erbeck and Ms. Kristen Mingoia from Robert Gordon selected members of the Roselle Park Police Department (RPPD) to accept the students’ “Act Of Kindness” Awards on behalf of the entire department.

The ‘Survival Kits for Police Officers’, as they were termed, were prepared by the first graders and presented to the RPPD in class on Tuesday. Included in each survival kit were:

  • Life Saver candies, “To remind you of the many times you’ve been one”
  • Starburst candies, “For the burst of energy you’ll need”
  • Payday candy bars, “Because you’re not doing it for the money”
  • Paper clips, “To hold it all together”
  • Hershey’s Kisses, “Because you deserve them from all”
  • Gum, “To help your unit stick together
  • Tootsie Rolls, “To help you roll with the punches”
  • Peppermint Patty mints, “To help you keep your cool”
  • Snickers candies, “To remind you to keep your sense of humor”
  • Mounds candy bars, “For the ‘mounds’ of courage you need”

The latter that accompanied each Survival Kit read:

Dear Roselle Park Police Officers:

We know you do so much for the community and appreciate it! To show our appreciation our class made you a survival kit with some goodies. Each of us donated something to put inside your bags. Thank you for being kind to our community and keeping us safe! We are always thinking of you.

Patrolman Joshua Medrano, Sergeant Keith Wintermute, Detective Richard Cocca, and Detective Sergeant Dominick Frino were honored to visit the classes to receive the creative and thoughtful gifts on behalf of the RPPD. After the presentation, the officers spoke with the students to tell them about who they were, what their responsibilities and duties as police officers were, and what makes their jobs rewarding.

In addition to Mrs. Erbeck and Ms. Mingoia, the RPPD wished to also thank Mrs. July Bennett, Mrs. Allison Kanarek, and Mrs. Jessica Gilchrist for organizing and holding the event.

RPPD Lieutenant Manuel Jimenez said, “The entire Roselle Park Police Department extends their gratitude to both first grade class members of The Robert Gordon Elementary School for this honor.”