RPPD Officer Harms Promoted To Sargeant

Last night, resident and Roselle Park Police Department (RPPD) Officer Robert Harms was promoted by resolution to Sargeant.

At the swearing in, RPPD Officer Harms was surrounded by his wife, children, parents, and family.

RPPD Captain Daniel McCaffery who was in attendance for Police Chief Morrison stated, “I’d like to congratulate Sargeant Harms. [He] has been an officer of our department for 14 years. During that time he served as a patrolman, a detective for several years where he did an outstanding job. Sgt. Harms is going to be assigned to the Patrol Division where I’m sure he’ll continue to do an outstanding job. Sgt. Harms is a Roselle Park guy; he’s a Roselle Park resident. You may see him around. He volunteers, he coaches, he’s everywhere. He does a great job. He’s received numerous commendations and awards from our department. Most recently he received an award for saving the life of a man. This gentleman was in a vehicle that caught on fire. This story gained national notoriety. It was on Good Morning America. It was all over the news. Sgt. Harms was able to pull this guy out of the car even though this guy didn’t want to. And by doing that he saved the life of this man who absolutely without a doubt would have perished in that fire. I’m very proud of Sgt. Harms. I know he’s going to do a great job. Congratulations.”

Officer Harms also addressed those in attendance, “I just want to thank Mayor Hokanson and council. I’d like to thank Chief Morrison and Captain McCaffery for giving this opportunity. I’d like to thank my wife and family for being there. I would like to thank the officers that I work with that are here tonight for supporting me. I’d like to thank all the sergeants I’d worked under for them to give me their knowledge on how to do this job. I am excited, and I can’t wait to continue my career here in Roselle Park as a police sergeant. Thank you.”

Officer Harms’ promotion will be effective February 1, 2019, at the annual salary of $113,020.39.